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What's the secret to a fun bachelorette party?

(Shhhh - the key is to enjoy a full day of wine tasting in Virginia's wine country)

So your girlfriend is about to embark on the greatest journey of her life and you are wondering what's the best way to celebrate this milestone in her life and your relationship? Well, wonder no more! We are here to help! Join us on a fun and memorable day to celebrate your friendship and commemorate this exciting milestone in her life!

So where do you start and what are the most important tips to consider:

Tip #1 - Find a date for a winery tour that works for everyone on her list

Check with the bride-to--be as to who she wants to be invited - the bridal party only, or a wider group of friends, family - his and hers, or only hers, will it be co-ed and will the groom join as well? Then find a date that works for everyone to spend a whole day exploring Virginia's best wineries and vineyards and sharing laughs and memories with the group.

Tip #2 - Decide whether everyone will book separately, or one person covers the cost for all

Avoid misunderstandings and make sure that you are clear if everyone is paying separately, or one person will cover the cost for all and then be reimbursed by each member of the party, and whether guests will cover the costs of the bride-to-be or just their own fee.

"Stay hydrated." – everyone :)

Tip #3 - Make it personable

Talk with the bride-to-be about her preference in decor - does she want everyone to be dressed in color-coordinated attire, is she ok with bachelorette party decorations and paraphernalia, does she prefer quiet, elegant, or loud style of decor.

Tip #4 - Plan the weekend

Avoid staying out and drinking late into the evening before your winery tour so you feel your best during the tour. Each winery tour includes at least an hour of driving into the country and then back and hungover guests do not always feel their best during the trip and sometimes even have to skip the wine tastings. So make sure you stay hydrated before, during, and after your winery tour and avoid a big night of drinking before your wine tasting tour. Also, the winery tours end around 4:30pm, which leaves enough time for guests to shower and get ready for the night portion of the celebrations, which may include dinner and dancing.

Tip #5 - Have fun

Our licensed wine expert is there to share wine, wine industry, and wine tasting insights and tips, but also to ensure that the bride-to-be and all her guests are having a wonderful time! Your tour guide will take pictures of you and help you commemorate the occasion! She'll make sure you receive the service you expect and are taken care of at the wineries. We will transport you with executive-level vehicle and ensure your maximum comfort during the drive out. Feel free to prepare a fun music playlist, which we can share during the ride. Celebrate your bride-to-be, your friendships, and remember fun memories from the past, while making new ones to cherish forever!


We are here to make this day a success for you! So let us know if you have any questions and let us help you make this day a fun and memorable one for you and your bride-to-be! Call 1-888-602-3362 if you have any questions or email us at:

Do you have any other tips? Please share yours below:

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